Sunday, June 13, 2010

BBBC 2010: Day 2 - Three Wonderful Things in My Life

Hey everyone,

I am back again for a second post already. I have been spending a lot of time reading all of the blogs that are participating in the BBBC 2010 and I really find myself enjoying it. Mostly because I love to read more than write. Alicia talked about her childhood and having her head in the books. I was also that kind of kid and my parents would get upset every time they saw me reading. They would constantly say that all I did was read, read, read and I would do nothing else. Maybe I was addicted to reading, but at the time, I just thought they were exaggerating.

Well the blog challenge questions today is to write about three positive things going on in your Second Life or real life. I decided that I am going to do both and combine them.

In my Second Life, I am fortunate to have a few really close friends. Just as in real life, I have an introverted personality. I love hanging out with people but I am also just as content and happy to be by myself and with my own thoughts. I enjoy going to parties and gatherings in second life and in real life but they are not my first choice for fun. I am one of those people who sits back and listens or reads all the conversations happening at a party. What I really love is to spend time with those few friends who are most close to me and I am so glad to have them in my Second Life and real life. I treasure them and keep them close to my heart because I know how hard it is to come by true friendship these days.

Another positive thing is that I am never bored in Second Life or real life. I hate being bored and my Second Life and real life allow me to constantly be engaged and learning about something. It took me seven years to get my bachelors degree in college and not because I had to take that long. I just kept taking classes to extend my time in school because I love learning. This may sound cheesy but I actually sat in class and said out loud to the people around me, "I love being in this class". They just laughed and thought it was cute but at that moment, I was feeling so ecstatic for just being there. Sometimes, I wish that I could go to school as a career and get paid for it (laughs).

Recently, I have been feeling down even more than in the past. There are a lot of reasons for that but I am not going to get into it for this post. It can take a lot of energy to get through a day and I am sure many people can relate to those feelings. Sometimes just having a day of feeling content is all I can hope for in my life.

However, I am glad that I am able to find happiness in all parts of my life even when I am feeling down. I try to find meaning in all the little things in life. Stuff like watching my little nephew smelling a rose for the first time or listening to the rain while I fall asleep bring me joy.

Well that is all for today and I hope that whoever comes by my posts, can read them and hopefully find some inspiration in their own life.


  1. Welcome to this big bad world :))) It's gonna be fun. It is for me so far (but then again, I'm a beginner) :))

  2. Thanks for welcome and comment. I am very excited to be a part of the SL blogging community.