Thursday, June 17, 2010

BBBC 2010: Day 5 - Crazy Days

Hey readers!

I woke up today to see that I missed the bloggers challenge party yesterday and I was so upset. I always seem to miss Alicia's parties every single time due to real life stuff. The challenge question today is to write about whatever is on our minds. When I saw that, I thought uh oh! I am not going to be able to stop writing if I just write whats on my mind. I worry a lot, so I have my brain stuffed to the top with ongoing thoughts and ideas. I hope that writing about them will help clear my mind.

I am going to write about real life stuff only today. I used to go to bed around 5am and wake up everyday around 11am, so I was a night person. I took classes in the evening and studied at night, so this scheduled worked perfect for me. I have a lot of people living with me and I also get distracted easily. Since the completion of my schooling, I have decided to start on a new schedule of waking up early since I am going to start looking for a job. It's tough, trying to to get on a completely new schedule after so many years and it doesn't help that I am a night person. I enjoy being up when everyone is asleep and everything is quiet and peaceful.

I also woke up on Wednesday to check my final grades for school and boy was I in for a shockaroo. One of my teachers gave me an "F". When I saw that I actually got physically sick to my stomach. I regained my composure and started thinking about the class. Where did I go wrong? I realized there was no absolute way that I really got an "F". The class final paper was 30% of my grade and before I turned in my final paper, I had 100% in the class. All my previous class work was 70% of my grade and even if I had not turned in my paper, the lowest grade I would have received would have been a "C". That is when I realized it had to be a mistake.

At 6am in the morning, I called my professors phone number and left a polite message of desperation. I also sent an email immediately after the phone call. I was starting to worry because this teacher had a tendency to never respond to email. I always had to ask him questions during class that I had previously emailed because he never wrote back. He is an older guy but a good teacher. I actually had him for another class four years ago when I started at the school and I got an A in the class.

I did not suspect this could happen to me at the worst time ever. I just graduated from school and I am waiting for my diploma in the mail. I hear it takes up to September to receive it... This grade would set me back from receiving my diploma on time and that worries me most of all. If you would like to know, I turned in my paper on time, so I knew it couldn't be that. So I am impatiently waiting for a response, which I am sure won't come soon. I am going to give him until Monday next week and I will call again. I will then call my school and find out if they can give me advice as to what step to take next.

This was the first time something like this has happened to me since I started college. On a great note, I got all A's in my other classes and a 99% on one of my projects in another class that I was worried about. I also have my new baby nephew coming next Tuesday and I am sooooo excited!!! My sister has to go in early Tuesday morning to be induced even though her due date is the week after. I am not sure why they decided upon an earlier date but I ecstatic.

This is my second nephew and I am going to my sister's house to stay with her son for a couple days while she and her husband stay at the hospital. I will also be there during the delivery but not inside the room. She only wants her husband with her in the delivery room, so I have to stay outside. Last time was intense, being outside the door and hearing her have my first nephew. I had tears in my eyes during it because I hated to hear her in so much pain and struggle. She is also not telling anyone the name of her second son until they come see him at the hospital. I get to be one of the first since I will be there right after she has the baby.

I am currently putting together my first "look of the day" post, which I have decided to create a separate post on this blog, since it's kind of long and will just extend this already long post. I hope you enjoyed reading my crazy days post and I hope everyone has a great day or night! Thank you for reading.


  1. Yay a new baby! I can't wait for my bro & his wife to have a baby, even if I can't imagine him being a dad (he's my baby bro, 4 years younger than I am... I can't believe he's MARRIED! hahaha).

    I hope you do manage to get the grade sorted out. I'm sure the school will help coz they have all your records and can see that this F must be a mistake. *hugs*

    About the night person thing -- I've been a night person all my life despite school starting at 7:30am from Primary 1 to Secondary 5 (that's 11 years of schooling). I never got used to it, never developed an "internal clock" that would automatically wake me up. I believed that 7am is an ungodly hour, 8am is just slightly more reasonable, 9am is tolerable and 10am is great but 11am is optimum :p

    Well, ever since I found a job I love, I've been waking up at 6am without grumbling or being crabby in the mornings. It's a miracle! But knowing I have something worth waking up for makes a huge difference. Maybe it'll be that way for you. I still sleep in on weekends though. Don't expect to see me up before noon on Saturdays!


  2. Thanks for the comment quaintly! My brother is 8 years younger and I also can't imagine when he has a baby. He is sooo immature. Thanks for encouragement with the grade thing. I am pretty sure it will work out but there is always that little bit of fear and anxiety until I see the grade fixed. I have also always been a night time person when I was a little kid. My parents would find me at 3am reading my novel even though I had to wake up at 7am for school. I think some people are naturally night owls or morning birds. No matter how much you try to change, you always go back to the way you were before. I really do hope that I find a job that I can look forward to everyday. That would be a dream job even if I don't get paid that much.